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What crypto's should you invest in 2022

In the last two years we see giant gains from some of the well known crypto coins. As you can see from below btc had a 400%+ gain from YoY ( year over year ) . While ethereum gained 700%+ in YoY and Cardano with nearly 1800% gains YoY. Imagine these gains continue in the years to come. By the time 2022 is over btc can easily be over 100k , what will the other coins be ?!

Top 10 crypto coins for 2022

  1. bitcoin

  2. ethereum

  3. XRP ( xrp )

  4. Litecoin ( ltc )

  5. sand

  6. ada

  7. doge

  8. shib

  9. mana

  10. Sol

2021 Best places to buy cryptocurrency

  1. Coinbase

  2. WeBull

  3. Robinhood

  4. Binance (non-us)

Note: first three you will recieve a free stock for signing up for free no costs.


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