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UFC 263 Adesanya vs. Vettori 2

It's almost time for UFC 263 to take place ! Many highly anticipated matches that should result in knockouts and submissions . Both Adesanya, Vettori, Figueiredo, and Moreno are fighting the same opponent as they previously did but do not expect the same outcome. The main event and co-main event will be action packed. Majority of mma communities seems to be siding with Adesanya as he did look very dominate in the first fight. While both Figueiredo 20-1-1 and Moreno 18-5-2 have huge potential to finish the fight. Not to mention Diaz is back , expect some fun exchanges in this event. Unfortunately I side heavily to Leon Edwards to win this fight, although Diaz will have experience and reach. Leon's consistence and volume is very overwhelming and is a much fresher fighter than Diaz. Although Diaz still can easily pull of the upset I do not count him out and expect this fight to be extremely action packed and fun to watch. Another great fight I am looking forward to is young prospect Chase Hooper. He needs to get the win this fight to continue growing his career. What is your ufc predictions for #ufc263?

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